Bought from the Web?

We all use the internet, don’t we?


Well you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise! You can browse everything we sell in-store in our online-shop.  If it says ‘call us’ then chances our we have it but stocks are low. You can ‘click & collect’ and although we can arrange delivery we would much rather deal with you face-to-face and make sure you get personal service and the benefit of our Loyalty Scheme.  Bikes especially are techy things and you really need to get the sizing right. But if you have bought a product online elsewhere or are thinking of doing so, we can still help you!

Safety Check of a bike bought online and assembled by yourself

from £25.00

Assembly of a bike bought online

from £40.00

First Service of a bike bought online

from £25.00

Helping you to scan the market for the best price



We can even help you to choose between a bike we have in store and something you have seen online. If we can’t match the price or supply the make, we are still happy to give you advice on the bike and build it for you when it arrives. We don’t want our relationship with you to be just about buying bikes – we have so much more to offer!!  Now, how many other shops would do that?